Circuit Nano Surgery
Failure Analysis
FIB x TEM + Analysis


Nano fabrication and prototyping applications and customising nanotools using FIB.

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FIB Circuit Edit / Design Nano-Surgery

For FABLESS design houses we offer FIB CIRCUIT EDIT services for rapid verification and electrical debug of 1st Silicon.

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Right on Target Analysis

Materials Scientists (Academics and Industrial)

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FIBxTEM Section Lift Out Solutions

A high quality, low cost ex-situ solution for every FIB and FIB-SEM lab.

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Failure Analysis Service

Advanced Microscopy enabled FA services for Semiconductor clients

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Life Scientists & Biologists

Exact CRYO DualBeam Sectioning and Imaging of vitreous frozen biological specimens.

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High Resolution Thermal Imaging

Fault localisation with software enhanced thermal profiling
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Nano Apps
Liftout 4 FIB
CRYO Dual Beam
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