Your 1st Silicon Emergency Service

For FABLESS design houses we offer FIB CIRCUIT EDIT services for rapid verification and electrical debug of 1st Silicon.

Chip Designers and Layout Engineers

FIB circuit edit for when a 1st Silicon test has shown a mask change is required before volume production.

We can check the package structure, die attach and bonding (using non-destructive X-ray or CSAM inspection), cleanly decapsulate the device to expose the target area, perform your FIB circuit edit to cut and/or connect metal nodes, and then re-passivate the fix. If needed we can even reseal the device before re-testing.

Have fully working devices in a few hours or days, with our >95% 1st time success rate.

Sometimes design changes can be highly time critical, and we like to make sure that we can deliver your fixes when you need them. NanoScope is the only circuit edit provider to offer an urgent service, in addition to the standard ‘next in queue’ service traditionally available. If you need working silicon right now – we can add shifts to ensure your work can be dealt with right away (without affecting anyone in the queue). If you just can’t wait – ask about our ‘Urgent Turnaround’ and watch what happens next.

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