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Exact CRYO DualBeam Sectioning and Imaging of vitreous frozen biological specimens.

CRYO DualBeam Sectioning and Imaging.

For the first time collecting representative Scanning Electron Microscope IMAGING DATA from a biological sample preserved in its native state and from a precise location is possible.

Advantage 1 – UNTIL now CRYO SEM Samples have been randomly fractured to reveal internal structures. Cryo DualBeam permits the exact placement of a section through a feature of interest visible by SEM imaging of the frozen sample.

Advantage 2 – samples which contain both biological and solid state elements and the delicate interfaces between them were almost impossible to prepare. Cryo DualBeam cuts through solid state materials with the same ease as frozen biological material, permitting interfaces between them to be directly imaged.

Section through coriander stomata guardcells.

Section through fibroblast cell with absorbed Co/Cr particle.

NanoScope offers the innovative new technique for your Life Science samples.

This technique pioneered by NanoScope Engineers offers the benefits of native state CRYO freezing with the exact sectioning of a feature made possible only with a Focused Ion Beam.

All surface damage and heating effects are removed by a sublimation step and subsequent Gold coating of the section face, making High Resolution FEG SEM imaging immediately available.

For a detailed description of the equipment and techniques available, go to the Tools and Techniques page.


Section through flower petal surface.


A DualBeam-SEM image of a Gold coated, Cryo prepared and FIB sectioned yeast cell.

This new technique has been successfully used for the unique analysis for several projects.


We offer copies of 2 publications for those wishing to learn more.

‘Cryo DualBeam FIB-SEM to evaluate the interface between cells and nanopatterned scaffolds’-Tissue Engineering Part C 2010
Lamers E, Walboomers FX, Domanski M, McKerr G, O’Hagan BM, Barnes CA, Peto L, Luttge R, Winnubst LAJA, Gardeniers HJGE, Jansen J

‘The role of the surface chemistry of CoCr particles in the phagocytosis and DNA damage of fibroblast cells’-Biomed Mat Res Feb 2007
LewicAC, Ladon D, Heard PJ, Peto L, Learmouth I

For more information or to request a copy of these publications please call or email NanoScope.

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