Useful Links

Can’t find what you are looking for? These links are to related sites for semiconductor, materials, nanotech and microscopy references.

Professional organisations
National Microelectronics Institute  An organisation dedicated to support the UK and Irish semiconductor industry.
Nanotech sites  German based nanotech index for products, techniques, services and research
AZoNanotechnology  The A to Z of Nanotechnology
Nanowerk  The world’s most comprehensive nanotechnology and nanoscience resources
Nanotechnology Now  Covering Nanotechnology, Molecular-technology (MNT), MEMS, NEMS, Nanomedicine, Nanobio, Nanoelectronics, Nanofabrication, Nano-computing, Quantum Computers, and AI.
Nanotechweb  A nanotech community website from IOP publishing  A new site dedicted to helping people use and understand nano-materials and the technologies to manipulate them.
Microscopy Societies
EMAG  The Institute of Physics Microscopy Group
EFUG  The European Focused Ion Beam Users Club
SEMT  The Society for Electron Microscope Technology
TEM Section extraction video

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