GV10x – Microscope Chamber FIB/SEM/TEM Plasma Cleaner

If you have an electron beam column on your microscope then you will need to keep the chamber clean of hydrocarbons to prevent carbon deposition whilst imaging.

The Downstream Asher GV10x FIB/SEM/TEM Plasma Cleaner is easy to use because it can operate (uniquely) across a broad range of vacuum levels (even high vac).

Compatible with any e-beam system from environmental W-SEM, to Aberration Corrected FEG-TEM, Surface Science tools and ebeam Lithography tools.

Microscopes with even severe hydrocarbon contamination (which may have accumulated over an extended period) can be cleaned with ease and without having to maintain any special vacuum conditions, meaning it’s easy to keep your microscopes in peak operating condition.

NanoScope Services has partnered with FIB (an EU company based in Kassel, DE) offering the GV10x DownStream Asher to our fellow FIB, SEM and TEM Microscope users.

FIB/SEM/TEM Plasma Cleaner

FIB/SEM/TEM Plasma Cleaner

GV10x DownStream FIB/SEM/TEM Plasma Cleaner Asher from ibss Group Inc.

FIB/SEM/TEM Plasma Cleaner

There are 8 clear advantages to the GV10X FIB/SEM/TEM Plasma Cleaner

  1. WIDE VACUUM RANGE – Operates from <5mTorr to 2Torr
  2. REDUCES CARBON  >10x faster than other plasma cleaners
  3. WORKS with your Turbo switched on
  4. EASY TO MOVE BETWEEN INSTRUMENTS – easy to train, easy to use,  easy to install
  5. NON-DAMAGING – No heating, sputtering or etching
  6. CLEANS YOUR SAMPLES – Carbon deposits which are already on your samples can be cleaned too.
  7. MAINTAIN YOUR INVESTMENT– It is increasingly necessary to maintain your microscope’s ultimate performance as Nano-technology moves on – keeping it in peak condition extends its value and ROI.
  8. LOCAL SUPPORT – Directly over the phone, or just a short flight away, FIB engineers can be on site in short order if on-site support is required.

If you are interested in purchasing a machine for your lab, please contact us for more information.

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