MEMS Structual R&D

Structural Prototyping – direct nano-fabrication of structural prototypes for immediate testing


The ‘dial up’ nano-Surgery capabilities of FIB offer a quick and low cost method of verifying simulation models or proof of concept designs.

NanoScope offer these advanced nano-machining capabilities on an ‘as you need it, by the hour’ basis, making them easily and immediately available to support your project. Your engineering team now has immediate expert access to world class results from the most advanced toolsets available.

These examples show a waveguide which has undergone site specific 3D metrology, and also a simple SiN membrane which has been machined (proof mass added) into a cantilever (oscillator) to verify mathematical model precision.

Call NanoScope to discuss your development design and how quickly and easily testable elements of it can be provided.

MEMS Structual R&D3

 Membrane sculpting for Cantilever modelling (length15 μms)

MEMS Structual R&D1

MEMS dynamic modelling simulations can be quickly checked against their physical counterparts for accuracy.

E-Newsletter Summer 2019

Here are some examples of our new services, and how they complement our existing imaging and non-destructive analysis. There is a quick guide to the specific advantages of each technique to show how your FA, NPI or development project can benefit.

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