Low Cost Reliability Testing

We now offer 3 budget saving Reliability Services for our Semiconductor clients and advanced testing through our partner Reltech

Semiconductor device RELIABILITY Services

NanoScope now offers 3, economical, turn-key reliability services for our Semiconductor clients.

MSL Evaluation

This identifies the classification level of non-hermetically sealed surface mounted solid state devices, which may be sensitive to moisture induced stress. A package’s MSL sets the parameters for subsequent device preconditioning. The basic test sequence is shown below and assumes that pre-and post electrical tests are conducted at the customer site. The test is performed to IPC/JEDEC Standard J-STD-020D.1

  • Initial Visual Inspection
  • 1st Acoustical Microscope (CSAM)
  • Initial Bake – 24 hrs @ 125°C
  • Moisture Soak – Temp/Humidity at required level
  • Reflow (IR bake) X3 @260°c
  • Final Visual Inspection
  • 2nd Acoustical Microscope (CSAM)
  • Optional written report

Device Pre-conditioning

This exposes a batch of devices to the upper limit of the MSL level specified prior to that batch undergoing reliability testing. Pre-conditioning may use all of the sequence shown above – but is often steps 3, 4, and 5 only. The accelerated equivalent tests are also available. Pre-conditioning is available for the full range of MSL’s, and is performed to JEDEC Standard JESD22-A113

High Temperature Storage

HTS is used to test for thermally activated failure mechanisms of solid state devices. Elevated temperatures (150 degrees) are applied for a longer fixed period of time (1000hrs) without electrically stressing the devices. Following HTS, electrical test measurements should be done within 96 hours. The test is performed to JESD22-A103 standard.

Reliability Services Pricing

MSL evaluation <25 devices Price from ₤2,250
Device pre-conditioning <250 devices Price from ₤1,000  (MSL Eval and Pre-Con lots may be combined)
High Temperature Storage <250 devices Price from ₤300

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INTRODUCING our reliability partner RELTECH.

For a full turnkey service with even better savings, we have teamed up with our close neighbour and collaborator RELTECH Ltd to offer a complete portfolio of follow-on reliability tests.
For customers booking MSL or Pre-conditioning services with NanoScope who would like to try Reltech, we can offer you a total solution at a preferential rate, and seamless transfer of your pre-conditioned parts directly to Reltech and return shipping directly to you. Email us here for more information.

All projects are completed to JEDEC Standard JESD47.

Device Qualification Tests

  • High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) JESD22-A108/JESD85
  • Early Life Failure Rate (ELFR) JESD22-A108/JESD74
  • Low Temperature Operating Life (LTOL) JESD22-A108
  • High Temperature Storage Life (HTSL) JESD22-A103

Non-Hermetic Package Qualification Tests

  • MSL Preconditioning (prior to package tests)  (PC)  JESD22-A113
  • High Temperature Storage (HTS) JESD22-A103 & A113
  • Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) JESD22-A101
  • Biased Highly Accelerated Temperature & Humidity Stress (HAST) JESD22-A110
  • Unbiased HAST (UHAST) JESD22-A118
  • Temperature Cycling (TC) JESD22-A104

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