NanoScope works with a number of carefully selected industry experts to give you the best advice and support


Microscopy accessories and services

Agar Scientific and NanoScope have teamed up to offer commoditised FIB analysis and TEM Section preparation services via the AGAR e-commerce web-portal and on-line brochure, with a specific service configuration for Materials Science customers. This is the first outsourced service offering to be included in the Agar portfolio.


University of Loughborough – LMCC

NanoScope and Loughborough collaborate in the area of advanced analysis of materials for specific clients.


Optical microscopes and computing

Established in 1986 and offering support for all aspects of microscopy and specimen preparation. Brunel are specialists in the field of microscopy image capture and are a “UK One Stop Shop” for all items related to the many aspects of optical microscopy and image capture.


Micrion FIB system service support and downstream ashers.

FIB is the premier provider of support for Micrion FIB instruments in Europe, and is also the representative for the downstream asher/plasma cleaning product for the ACHD countries.

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Semiconductor reliability services

An Independent Test Laboratory offering reliability and qualification test services to industry leading Fabless Semiconductor companies and Integrated Device Manufacturers. Reltech develops, designs and manufactures all of the required test hardware and software used for the complete qualification testing of its customer’s products prior to volume manufacture.


For all aspects of post design ASIC manufacture through to post production support.

RoodMicrotec has been supporting fabless device design companies and OEMs in the high reliability/aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, medical, IT and electronics sectors for 40 years. Offering professional services for device test, programming, product qualification, supply chain management, failure analysis, consultancy and ESD assessment, training and problem solving.


Integrity Scientific

Integrity Scientific is a support partner for NanoScope for many years with specific expertise in the area of compound semiconductors.

Nunano and NanoScope are combining our various imaging resources with our tip/surface customisation capabilities. AFM and FIB/SEM used together offer far more surface information than either technique on its own. Additionally using the sub nano-meter measurement precision of AFM to qualify an ion beam engineered surface regions or using ion beams to customise AFM tips for specific applications, offers extended functionality for both nano-research tools.


Provides Fabless Semiconductor companies with IC Product & Test Engineering Services.

Expert support for package design, test program development, wafer sort, final test and characterization, reliability test management and yield analysis for both digital and mix-signal applications and high voltage/power applications.


NanoMEGAS  offers  advanced TEM  orientation imaging  and strain solutions  at  1-5  nm resolution  using  unique  tools  (ASTAR /Digistar/Topspin/Autostrain)  that can be easily  fitted to most  TEM microscopes. Samples prepared by  FIB  (Copper grains of different  size) are ideal for  orientation imaging (EBSD-TEM like)  and strain analysis down  to 1-5 nm resolution. Please contact for more information

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