NanoScope is a European Focused Ion Beam Technology and TEM Microscopy service provider.

NanoScope became independent in 2006 and consistently delivers the highest success rates for Focused Ion beam technology interventions, achieving over 95% 1st time success across all applications and technologies.

From the UK we support our local and continental customers with same day or overnight shipments and real time ‘over the WEB’ video consultancy.

If your project is important, put it in the hands of a FIB technologist, not just a FIB user.

Lloyd Peto FIB technology services

Lloyd Peto

Commercial Director and Senior Engineer

Physicist, business man and marketeer, who has worked at Rutherford Appleton, FEI Company Europe (UK, Holland and Germany), FEI Company USA (twice), Micrion Corporation (DE and UK), Raith GmbH (DE) and NanoScope Services Ltd (UK). He has developed many FIB and microscopy applications (like TEM sample preparation and Cryo DualBeam for Life Sciences), helped develop instruments, managed sales teams and driven market development strategies. Lloyd is a co-founder and director of NanoScope.

The NanoScope difference – as career microscopists our engineers helped set up the first Focused Ion Beam Technology Service labs in Europe and have been delivering world class results to our clients across the UK, Europe and the Middle East since 1993.

After >18 years developing the technology and its applications for instrument vendor companies like FEI Company, Micrion Corporation and Raith GmbH, our engineers are recognised as industry experts. We continue to develop the processes and the technologies we use, and introduce unique new capabilities on a regular basis.

NanoScope Services Limited is registered in the England and Wales.

The company registration number is #5820711

The Trading address is No 30, Station Road Workshops, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 4PJ

The Registered address is 103 Princess Victoria Street, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4DD

‘Sometimes you don’t need the guy who had the training course, you need the guy who GAVE the training course’

Alan Miller TEM Services

Alan Miller

Senior Engineer and Director

Alan Miller is an Semiconductor engineer and microscopist of many years standing. He started in the Hybrids industry before migrating to semiconductor manufacture with ESM (ex Newport Wafer Fab) in 1994. Alan joined FEI Company (UK) in 2001, and worked as a lab manager till 2005 and then for International Rectifier until 2007 when he helped start NanoScope Services. Alan is a co-founder and director of NanoScope.

Janine Stone - Administrator

Janine Stone

Business Administration and Support Coordinator

Janine brings her many years of admin and finance experience, working both within the local authority and for large blue chip companies, to NanoScope.  She supports both the business and Directors with managing project administration and compliance, as well as finance, logistics and general admin.  This adds significant bandwidth to our technical offerings.  Please contact Janine directly with any queries you may have.

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