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Advanced Microscopy enabled FA services for Semiconductor clients across UK & Europe

Failure Analysis /Quality Engineers

Based around our advanced Microscopy and FIB expertise, NanoScope offer a suite of fast turn Failure Analysis services for our semiconductor clients.

Each analysis can be specified for 3 levels of detail, depending on your time-line for resolving the issue and budgetary requirements.

  • Basic – an initial investigation to check specifically defined elements are in order.
  • Intermediate – a more in depth investigation checking the specifics of the product in line with the specifications stated.
  • Detailed – a more involved investigation to identify the route cause of a specific problem which may involve a more iterative approach and more detailed consultation.

We are happy to offer cost-free initial consultancy for selecting which procedures and techniques are the most applicable for solving your issue the most efficiently.

Services offered

  • External optical examination
  • Build a test socket board
  • Basic benchtop electrical testing
  • X-ray package analysis
  • CSAM package analysis
  • Decapsulation
  • Internal optical inspection
  • Anti-counterfeit check (structure/features)
  • High resolution Thermal Imaging
  • FIB/FEG-SEM internal inspection
  • In-circuit electrical micro-probing (inc. to FIB probe pads)
  • FIB Sectioning and imaging (w/wo iterative slicing)
  • Process Metrology (inc. SI/SE imaging)
  • SEM EDS studies
  • FIBxTEM Sectioning
  • TEM imaging analysis (TEM/STEM) – BF/DF
  • TEM X-ray or EELS elemental analysis
  • Written report

Based on your description of the issue identified, we will propose a workflow with a level of detail and a cost for the analysis process prior to starting the project. Should additional investigative work be required during the analysis this can be easily added at the time.


EMMI fault finding with metal layers removed by FIB.



Non-destructive X-ray analysis of packaged parts.


Adding probe pads to any node for electrical debug.

E-Newsletter Summer 2019

Here are some examples of our new services, and how they complement our existing imaging and non-destructive analysis. There is a quick guide to the specific advantages of each technique to show how your FA, NPI or development project can benefit.

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