MEMS Device Design

Structural Edit of MEMS components using FIB permits rapid prototype development

Device Modification for Micro-Electrical- Mechanical-Structures development engineers.

MEMS device modification is the ability to quickly tweak the physical structure of a MEMS component to enable the rapid testing or qualification of its physical behaviour.

‘Structural Edit’ of MEMS components using FIB permits rapid prototype development.

IC designers have routinely used FIB technology for 20 years. They have used it to shorten the development cycles of new chip designs, ramp up production yield, and reduce the costs and time to market of new products. Many IC companies have branched out into MEMS development and are already using inhouse FIB instruments to enhance their competitive edge for developing new MEMS products.

NanoScope can rapidly and precisely modify the physical structure of small and medium sized lots of test devices so that direct empirical performance data can be collected in a short time frame without having to develop complex or new modelling techniques. Designs can be adapted to related application and proof of concept for new designs can be quickly obtained using this method. To find out what is possible call NanoScope now.

mems device modification of accelerometer spring

MEMS device modification of an accelerometer(50% reduction in spring strength)

“NanoScope..have provided a highly professional FIB service, offering good advice to achieve the best results and fast turn-around. Their experience and understanding of the needs of Nanotech’s designers has been invaluable.”

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