New Dual Acid FIB edit capabilities available now.

NanoScope has brought Dual-Acid decapsulation in-house, and extended those capabilities.

This equipment was part of a larger equipment acquisition and more FA and other capabilities will become available over the next few weeks.

Decap Training

By bringing these capabilities in-house we can further reduce the turnaround time of decap work for our semiconductor customers needing urgent Failure Analysis or Circuit Nano-Surgery (Circuit Edit), while ensuring that the quality remains high and the costs remain low.

We are very pleased to have increased the depth of expertise within our organisation for supporting a wider range of Failure Analysis applications beyond Circuit Nano-surgery, high end microscopy and physical device analysis.

Gel-coat removal for MEMS devices

For MEMS clients needing access to Gel coated devices for Failure Analysis, Structural Analysis or Structural modifications with FIB, we have also added a chemical etch  process for packaged MEMS devices.  This service is available with the same fast-turnaround as our other services.

A New FIB process for accessing a device ‘through a WL-CSP package’.

Circuit Nano-Surgery to a device already packaged with CSP and RDL layers, can now be easily achieved without removing the package in most cases.

Working through a CSP layer adds a little time to a surgical process, but has only a small effect on the efficacy or yield of a surgical intervention.

Testing advantages

WL-CSP packaging can also be a shortcut for the high speed testing of 1st Silicon engineering devices prior to FlipChip packaging. Working through these layers means that more complex edits can be performed ‘top-down’, with lower costs and higher yields, producing some significant time and cost savings.

Some handling issues solved

Without the ability to work through the CSP layers, all modifications to a products of this type would have to happen at the bare die or wafer level. This fix may be compromised if the devices is then packaged, so can it be tested quickly?

Opening a high speed plastic package prior to nano-surgery can also produce real mechanical difficulties when returning the device to it’s testing socket. However if the device is protected and testable in a CSP, it can be directly returned to a test socket after surgery with no additional problems or delays at all.

New Services coming soon…

We are commissioning new capabilities to be released in April. If you are interested in any aspect of what we are doing please don’t hesitate to contact Lloyd Peto  or Alan Miller.

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