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If you don’t wish to travel to learn how to use the instrument you have downstairs, or don’t like having to pay to share training with other organisations – we can visit your site with a nanotech skills training session to personally help you and your colleagues to use your own instrument in your own lab, and to cover only the applications that interest you.

We can create the nanotech skills training that your business needs. Customise your course for each engineer for the best focus, or let all users get an overview of the instrument for the widest deployment.

Decap nanotech skills training

Decap Training

Some guidelines and hands on training to using acid decapsulation techniques to open your packaged parts.

Using Cryo-DualBeam nanotech skills training

Using Cryo-DualBeam

NanoScope engineers were the first to successfully use Cryo-DualBeam on biological and other soft materials. We can train you in optimum sample preparation techniques, fracturing, FIB sectioning, coating an imaging of the most senstive samples using this unique combination of techniques.

Gas chemistries, theory and use – nanotech skills training

Gas chemistries, theory and use – 6hrs

Using pre-cursor gas chemistries in your FIB or DualBeam can have variable results. Getting the best depositions or optimising materials etching enhancements requires an understanding of beam-gas interactions. Current density vs gas flux, edge and proximity effects and how to handle beam tails are some of the tricks that help you shorten your time to result.

DualBeam X-sectioning for FA, PA and 3D studies –nanotech skills training

DualBeam X-sectioning for FA, PA and 3D studies – 1 day

Using a DualBeam for X-sectioning can provide some advantages, but getting the best from a DualBeam requires additional knowledge. In-situ decoration of x-sections for SEM imaging, multi-slice sectioning (manual or automated) for 3D Studies and getting the best image, all need to be learned.


Micro(Nano) machining practices – nanotech skills training

Micro(Nano) machining practices – 4hrs

Prototype the structures you need by using FIB as a direct write lithography tool. Learn about beam optimisation, current vs time, deposition and etching vs milling, and how to import milling files directly.


Making TEM foils basic – nanotech skills training

Making TEM foils basic – 6hrs

 Not everyone has an automated TEM foil program. Even those that have one, find it often doesn’t work or fails when run on materials with structured surfaces. Manually milling a TEM foil from different materials can be challenging and requires user skill. Learn what to look for in a good foil and how to get there in the shortest time.

Advanced circuit edit – nanotech skills training

Advanced circuit edit – 1 day

 Modifying advanced devices requires a strategic approach. Design your fix before you implement it for best results. Use your gas chemistries for best effect and get it right first time.

FIB Basics – nanotech skills training

FIB Basics – 1 day

 Basic principles of using a Focused Ion Beam Instrument. Beam behaviour, tricks and tips, things to avoid, getting a good beam and how to use it best. Start with this and then add advanced sections to give your engineers the skill set they need now and add to it later if needed.

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