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NanoScope MNDA template

All NanoScope project work is confidential in nature, and we are happy to complete Non-Disclosure agreements for customers with specific requirements. In addition we also offer our own mutual non-disclosure agreement for your review and use, which may be used to expedite this process if needed.


Download: FIB Technology Article


“In-situ or Ex-situ? Which TEM section lift-out method is best?” You may think the answer to this question is a foregone conclusion, but hold that thought until you have read this.

Download: Accelerate your MEMS Development with FIB Structural Edit and Analysis

Supporting your design and manufacturing processes – expert FIB ‘Structural Edit’ for rapid prototyping, ‘3D Structural Metrology’ and Failure Analysis when you need it.

Download: European Lab Update - NanoScope News SPRING 2013

With articles on ‘LiveOPTICALTM’, and our success rates for 1st time FIB interventions – a great case study on how multiple high end techniques can be used to solve complex materials problems and some new customer feedback.

Download: NanoScope Press Release - Launch of 'LiveOPTICAL'

NanoScope Services has extended it’s unique LiveFIBTM focused ion beam web conferencing capability, with high resolution Optical Microscopy.

Download: NanoScope Terms and Conditions

This is our legal framework for performing your work. Please read carefully.

Download: 'Your 1st Silicon Emergency Service' - For FABLESS Designers

Rapid Circuit Edit to 1st Silicon devices to prove mask changes. Get working devices from your test samples for demonstrations
to prospective clients while your proven and tested design is being fabricated.

Shorten your time to market and guarantee “1st Time Right”.

Download: How to prepare a Circuit Edit job

Save time and expence by preparing your job description effectively, and supplying just the information we need. A few simple tips
to help us find the site quickly and maximise your yield.

Download: FIB Sectioning Job Prep Guidelines

Save time and expence by preparing your samples for immediate entry to our equipment and succesfull TEM sample preparation.
A few simple tips to help us find the site quickly and prevent any confusion about the target of the analysis.

Download: Press Release - 'FIB goes LIVE' -June 2010

‘FIB goes LIVE’ – NanoScope Services introduces a unique innovation in outsourced nanofabrication and analysis services with ‘FIB on the Web’ consultancy.

Download: NanoScope Spring Newsletter 2010

The introduction of ‘LiveFIBTM’ video conferencing of real time FIB interventions. Also contains articles on ion beam system contaminants from older tools which could affect copper devices during FIB edits and competitive pricing advanatges for NanoScope.

Download: Anatomy of a FIB TEM section

Not used FIB before? not sure what to expect? this simple guide will explain the characteristics of a ‘FIB foil’ and how it differs
from a conventionaly produced section.

Download: NanoScope Winter Newsletter 2006

Contains articles about our new insulator deposition chemistry for assisting in advanced circuit edit applications, and customised TEM foil preparation.



Download: NanoScope Winter Newsletter 2008

New non-destructive package analysis services, updated information about (S)TEM sample preparation, a unique competition and more.

Download: NanoScope Winter Newsletter 2007

Contains features on techniques for advanced circuit edit of copper devices, ultra low resistance copper (power)track deposition, the introduction of our our Cryo-DualBeam technique, the introduction of our new glob topping services, and other items.

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