Low Cost Semiconductor Reliability Testing

We now offer a full range of Reliability Testing Services for our Semiconductor clients with a unique cost saving approach

Semiconductor Reliability Testing Services – with our unique cost saving advantage

NanoScope offers turnkey reliability testing services for our Semiconductor clients from our facility in Bristol, UK. We have teamed up with our 2 partners to offer an extended range of services with some innovative ways to reduce your testing costs. Here’s some example services and how we can maximise your budget.

MSL Evaluation

This identifies the classification level of non-hermetically sealed surface mounted solid-state devices, which may be sensitive to moisture induced stress. A package’s MSL sets the parameters for subsequent device preconditioning. The basic test sequence is shown below and assumes that pre and post electrical tests are conducted at the customer site. The test is performed to IPC/JEDEC Standard J-STD-020D.1

  • Initial Visual Inspection
  • 1st Acoustical Microscope (CSAM)
  • Initial Bake – 24 hrs @ 125°C
  • Moisture Soak – Temp/Humidity at required level
  • Reflow (IR bake) x3 @260°C
  • Final Visual Inspection
  • 2nd Acoustical Microscope (CSAM)
  • Optional written report

Device Pre-conditioning

This exposes a batch of devices to the upper limit of the MSL level specified prior to that batch undergoing reliability testing. Pre-conditioning may use all of the sequence shown above, but is often steps 3, 4, and 5 only. The accelerated equivalent tests are also available. Pre-conditioning is available for the full range of MSL’s and is performed to JEDEC Standard JESD22-A113

Reliability Services Certified Services

NanoScope is the first RELIABILITY testing lab to offer both CERTIFIED and UN-CERTIFIED testing options (lower cost) . Many R&D activities do not require certification, examples could include – testing new packages, solder paste experiments, moisture sensitivity on new materials, evaluating your testing protocol (THB or HAST), supplier component quality checks (pre-assembly), solder reflow experiments…

Some regular testing protocols are available with both options include

PRECON – Device pre-conditioning (prior to package tests)  JESD22-A113

MSL – Moisture Sensitivity Level (levels 1,2 and 3)

THB – Temperature & Humidity

HASTEST (unbiased UHAST) – Highly Accelerated Stress Test to JESD22-A118

No drop in QUALITY – All testing is done to the specified JEDEC STANDARD and observing industry best practice, documented calibration and reporting, but with the flexibility of lower cost testing for R&D device lots.

Semiconductor Reliability testing in progressSemiconductor Reliability testing HST FailureGraph showing results of Semiconductor Reliability testing

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 16.24.55

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INTRODUCING our reliability partners Reltech and Rood Microtec

For a full turnkey service with even better savings, we have teamed up with our close collaborators RELTECH Ltd and ROOD MICROTEC Gmbh to offer a complete portfolio of both FULLY CERTIFIED and UN-CERTIFIED (lower cost) semiconductor reliability testing.
For customers booking a program of tests with NanoScope we can offer the seamless total solution provision of any combination of testing using the combined resources of 3 Laboratories, while also reducing total costs with our unique tailored approach. Email us here for more information.

The list below is just a SELECTION of the total capabilities available to you.

All projects are completed to JEDEC Standard JESD47.

Device Qualification Tests

  • High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) JESD22-A108/JESD85
  • Early Life Failure Rate (ELFR) JESD22-A108/JESD74
  • Low Temperature Operating Life (LTOL) JESD22-A108
  • High Temperature Storage Life (HTSL) JESD22-A103

Non-Hermetic Package Qualification Tests

  • High Temperature Storage (HTS) JESD22-A103 & A113
  • Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) JESD22-A101
  • Biased Highly Accelerated Temperature & Humidity Stress (HAST) JESD22-A110
  • Temperature Cycling (TC) JESD22-A104

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