European / Middle East Issue: Winter 2022

NanoScope Services LogoEuropean / Middle East Issue: Winter 2022
A new IC design FIB Nano-surgery datapoint, our JEDEC MSL Rel-test services and Euros discount.

Dear NanoScope Customer, greetings in our first email since COVID. For Silicon DESIGNERS we’ve got a new node success data point, for RELIABILITY Engineers there are new MSL testing services, for EU customers there is our 1€ = 1£ deal, plus NanoScope is growing.

First FIB circuit nano-surgery fix to a 7nm node, from the FRONTSIDE.  Our unique expertise has allowed us to successfully modify this advanced 7nm process with 13 metal layers at the M2 level, from the front. The device die was then flipchip packaged and tested with a 65% yield. The benefit for the customer concerned was ‘invaluable’.  Watch out for the upcoming article on this story.

Don’t forget to read our 1st article on ‘How to get the most benefit from IC Nano-Surgery” – part 2 coming soon.

Launching our low cost MSL testing service for packaged parts for both R&D and production Reliability. All MSL testing is done to JEDEC standards, but now for the first time customers can choose to have a JEDEC CERTIFIED or an UNCERTIFIED test. R&D lots don’t require certification, so why not save 30% on your MSL trials of new packages?

Loading a test lot for Temperature Humidity Bias testing (THB)

New colleague – supporting accounts, logistics, orders, quality and billing

We’re pleased to introduce Janine Stone, who is now managing project administration and compliance at NanoScope, adding much needed bandwidth for our technical offerings. Contact Janine here.

Please welcome Janine Stone to the NanoScope team.

We’re re-introducing our 1€ = 1£ exchange rate.

To help our EU customers during this period of economic chaos, our 1:1 exchange rate adds clarity, security and a 16% discount.

If you are uncertain about the new rules of shipping to the UK, we can arrange collection by UPS with just a few details over the phone.

Data Protection & GDPR compliance

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