Free IC microscope inspections using LiveOPTICAL

Dear LinkedIN 1 st contacts and NanoScope Customers

Why not try something new while you are working from home, and Video inspect your own IC design live over the web?

As our normal activities are curtailed by Covid19, we have to positively look out for new ways of doing things.  This especially requires a much heavier use of video conferencing and getting used to that as well.

Working and socialising remotely like this gives us the chance to adapt and innovate quickly, and is more necessary in order to maintain our morale, and our professional momentum.

If we are successful in this, we will be able to minimise the disruption to our lives and to our companies, and reduce the time needed to get back to normal afterwards.

Trying something new may even teach us some valuable lessons about what is important, and how to improve ourselves and our processes. So why not give this a go, and join us on-line.

What can I see?

This offer is for our LiveOPTICAL capability, and so permits the full imaging capabilities that our optical microscopes permit. This uses white light and is capable of magnifications of up to 1000X. We can navigate around your device with your direction and change imaging conditions and light incidence to highlight specific information as you wish.

  1. You can review chip ID’s and bonding layout, type, alignment & integrity (useful anti-counterfeit checks).
  2. You can see what that external IP block looks like, and where it connects to your design.
  3. You can confirm the presence of contamination, or suspected defects or mask errors.
  4. Check RDL metal and alignments, confirm metalisation integrity in the larger metal structures (like bond pads, RDL and power lines)
  5. You can confirm the pattern infill layout and tile size and location
  6. You can see if a device has been probed during manual or ATE checks, and many other aspects of your foundry and packaging house technologies.
  7. Check ESD structures and fusing
  8. You can even check if a FIB intervention or analysis has been put in the correct place.


Why is it free?  In a time of social distancing, we want to reach out to the people we know. This new situation is also an opportunity to build trust and intimacy, and also for us to demonstrate our capabilities, skills and expertise. If we can establish/confirm/update our credentials with you, and benefit you at the same time, then now is the time to do that. And if it’s fun and cool at the same time, that’s just upside.

Initially this offer applies to the 1st LinkedIN contacts of Lloyd Peto and Alan Miller, and NanoScope Gold contacts (customers we have worked with)


How does it work?

  1. Send us a device and your up-to-date contact details. Our address is here, and my email is here.
  2. When we get it, we will send you a meeting invite with our video-conferencing ID (with NDA if required)
  3. Click to connect and then just explain what you would like to look at (inspect) and we can drive the microscope for you.
  4. You will see (at various magnifications) your own device/chip/design/board/sample/materials system.
  5. We can navigate around for you, zoom into specific structures, change illumination type or imaging mode brightfield / darkfield, or light polarisation etc.
  6. You can even show your family what you do at work (and maybe your boss too)


All work is confidential as standard, and all device handling is silo-ed. As microscopy technologists we are happy to offer our expertise/consultancy free of charge during the inspection, and your device is returned immediately afterwards (postage or courier – please supply your courier acct number to avoid shipping charges). If you require an NDA before sending material – we are happy to complete yours (UK law is quickest) – or alternatively download and complete our basic NDA here. We will sign and return this with your meeting invite. NanoScope Services Ltd. does not record any information or images from any device unless requested to, and all material is returned with a signed declaration that this condition has been adhered to. All material is handled under sterile conditions and returned in new packaging material, untouched by us. All available surfaces are wiped with alcohol.

This cost-free offer does not cover any additional services such as Decap, X-ray, FIB, SEM, TEM etc. However we are happy to perform additional operations as commercial activities.

Stay home, stay healthy.

With kind regards

Lloyd Peto – Commercial Director/FIB technologist

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