New ‘best in class’ ex-situ FIBxTEM lift-out system launched

The perfect addition to any FIB or FIB-SEM laboratory, a high performance optical microscope with ultra long working distance lenses and aBenchtopliftout1n ‘ex-situ‘ FIBxTEM section lift-out manipulator.

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Our engineers (in previous roles) configured and supplied the first version of the ex-situ lift out system to all international FIB and FIB-SEM markets for over 10 years. Now we have created a new ‘best in class’ configuration to maximise the benefits of the ex-situ approach across the widest range of materials systems.

If you are not sure of the advantages of ex-situ vs in-situ, read our technical article describing all the pro’s and con’s of both techniques here.

The new system configuration has been developed with the experience gained from making FIBxTEM sections from over 300 different materials systems over the last 20 years. From catalytic converters to teeth, Indium Antimonide to car paint and carbon fibre composites and nuclear fuel rod liners to aerogel, we’ve used this technique to make successful FIBxTEM sections from all these materials systems, so we know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Changes to the stage design, combination lighting sources and lenses, ensure that the system delivers the highest success rate possible.  In addition we have taken advantage of new manufacturing capabilities and techniques, so the system is far more economical than any other ex-situ lift-out solution which has been offered until now.


Our fully capable  ‘ECO’ configuration is available for £19,650 (€24,955) with immediate delivery.

To see the full product description and specifications go to the lift-out page here.  Or to get a PDF brochure click here.

We’ve also added a range of options, consumables and accessories, and 200mm and 300mm staged version are also available.

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