We are OPEN.

Let’s carefully collaborate our way through the ongoing Covid 19 crisis, and help drive the post pandemic recovery and growth.

Luckily we were already set up for working with you remotely, so we can seamlessly support your new designs/products or analysis so that you can to be ready, and your projects still on time.
To adapt to the new reality of Covid19, there has had to be a few subtle changes to the way we operate – but it’s all very sensible.

  1.  We have adapted our protocols to operate normally while protecting our own staff (even from each other)
  2.  Our Couriers are still running so sending and receiving devices/boards/samples is still normal.
  3.  Our free project consultancy is unchanged via telephone and via video conferencing.
  4.  We have upgraded the bandwidth and refresh times of our LiveFIB and LiveOPTICAL remote consultancy/microscopy options – you can still visit to supervise your work being done – but now ‘virtually’. This also saves non-urgent travel risks and costs.
  5.  Sample handling is always done in sterile conditions, and return shipping is in sterile packaging.

For you this means

  1.  No new risks for you for handling, shipping, discussing and supervising external projects.
  2.  No new project delays, lower costs (no travel), less time needed for documentation (virtual meetings), same rapid project turnaround, same professional – confidential – expert service.
  3.  Extremely low exchange rates – so if you pay in Dollars or Euro’s, you have a historically lower cost.

So even if you are now working from home, and things could be better – Better call NanoScope
Lloyd.Peto@NanoScopeServices.com                                 +44(0)7768 172049

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